Developing the Salvador Dali action figure

Hi everyone,

David here from Today Is Art Day. I'm happy to share a long overdue update with you on the production of the Dali action figure. 

1. Molds

We are happy to announce that the molds are now finished. We have tested them with PVC plastic. The results are great and we can now mass produce all the components of the Dali figurine. 

The molds are ready!
The molds are ready!

2. Mustaches

We also had to create another set of molds... for the mustaches! These are made by a jeweler since it was impossible to make in plastic. Some types of plastic don't like thin shapes while others don't like curves... Considering that Dali's mustaches are both thin and curvy, we had to think outside the box. This is why they are made out of stainless steel. They will be painted in black later on. 

Unpainted mustaches in stainless steel
Unpainted mustaches in stainless steel

3. Box

We also printed some samples of the box and the blister insert (plastic tray inside the box). It's important for us to check that everything reflects the design we have submitted in the first place.

Dali's home for the next few weeks...
Dali's home for the next few weeks...

4. Shipping

We now estimate to be able to ship the figurines in the second half of August. We are producing many of these and it takes time. 

That's it for now! 

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