Frida Kahlo: Production is on!

Hi folks,

David here with an update on the production of your beloved Frida Kahlo action figure. 

1. From the production line 

It's always nice to see what comes out of the production line. So I thought I would share images with you. Sounds good?

2. Our first sample

It's such a great feeling to be able to hold the first sample in your hands. Trust me! After all the efforts, all the questions, all the emails (about 200 for sure)... It's here, in your hands! You'll have this feeling shortly, I promise!

3. The box looks good too!

The box came out nicely too. But we have to make some adjustments to the blister insert (the plastic shell inside). It was a bit too big and it didn't fit quite well in the box. This is why we make sample and testing: to get you the best quality! 

4. Need an extra figurine?

Do you feel like your best friend, your sister or your coworker needs a Frida Kahlo action figure too? Head to our online store and take advantage of our pre-order price. Visit


  • I purchased this for a friend who’s a huge Frieda fan…she’s gonna plotz when she sees this beauty! And all those little Frieda heads are a trip. Can’t wait.

  • Squeeeeee!! I am so excited!!

    Bre Garcia

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