Our Van Goghs are on the move!

Want to know more about our packaging and shipping process? Here we are!

Last week, the action figures were inspected one final time and put inside their blister insert (for protection) and inside their nicely designed box.

We also included the postcard in the box so you can easily cut the artworks and display them.

Our figurines were picked up last week by our forwarder at the factory.

We now have about 10 pallets containing 250 boxes heading to our fulfillment facility. There, the action figures will be individually packed and shipped to your home in the last week of July! How exciting?

Don't forget...

There is only one week left to our Frida Kahlo action figure campaign on Kickstarter. Don't miss out and get Vincent a new friend!

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  • Soooooooooo Cute!!!
    Looking forward to getting my little Van Gogh. _
    Thanks a lot, David!


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