Post-shipping update!

Hi everyone,

As many of you are starting to receive your little Van Gogh, we want to send a quick update on 2 important topics.

1. Van Gogh in the wild  

We want to see your Van Gogh's new home! Send us some pictures of your figurine at the office, at home, in a museum, in your hometown, in front of the Eiffel Tower, etc.  

We want to share images of our Vincent around the world! Make sure you tag us (@todayisartday) and use the hashtags #vangoghinthewild and #todayisartday.

Picture shared by @DavidHMandel on Twitter

2. Damaged product?

A little bit of transparency here... 

It came to our attention that a minority of you received your figurine in a very small (too small) shipping box with the result of crushing the inside figurine's box. This situation is unacceptable and very frustrating to us. We addressed it right away with our shipping company.

If you feel like your box was crushed or badly damaged, please send us pictures of it at so we can check some options with you (refund, replacement, etc.) We want all of you to be happy. Shipping issues won't get in our way!

I hope this helps! We wish you a happy receiving and don't forget to tag us (@todayisartday) when you share your pictures!


Today Is Art Day


  • Vincent lost his brush? any chance of getting him a replacement? Very sad, I think the dog are it..

  • Hi, I haven’t received yet my van Gogh , is there any problem with the shipping??? The estimated date for delivery was at the end of August,

    Carlos Berriel
  • Should I wait to buy Vincent until the stand is ready, or should I buy now. Please let me know. Anxiously awaiting Frida and Leonardo!

    Rosie Martin

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