Ready for a Van Gogh update?

Hi everyone,

I wanted to give you a quick update on the production of our beloved Van Gogh action figure. 

We are currently working on 3 fronts: the PVC action figure, the box and the blister insert.

1) The PVC Action Figure

We are making our first prototype units with PVC, the final plastic material that will be used to create the figurine. We are testing and adjusting the molds so the figurines look perfect. Right now, the prototype still need a bit of love and fine tuning.

2) The Box

We’re also working on the box design. Now that we have the PVC figurine prototype, we can finalize the dimensions of the box. We worked on a better positioning for the window so the figurine is clearly visible when you hold the box in your hands.

3) The Blister Insert   

The blister insert is a thermoformed plastic blister that secures the figurine in the box. We want to make sure it is well adjusted. It has one job to do: protect Vincent van Gogh. I’d do this for a living if I could!  

As you can see, everything is Gogh-ing very well.

Until next time!   

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