Shipping begins! Hurray!

Shipping officially starts tomorrow! Finally!

Thousands of action figures have arrived this week at Shipmonk's fulfillment facility in Florida. Shipmonk handles shipping for us. 

By the end of the week, all the little Van Goghs will be out the door and heading to your place... in more than 60 countries around the world! Incredible! 

You can expect the following shipping time:

- 2 to 5 days in USA
- 4 to 10 days in Europe, Canada
- 6 to 17 days in Asia and the rest of the world

We are sorry the recent cyberattack had some impact on our shipping schedule. This was a bit out of our control. But we are glad to send everything in July.

Here is a photo of our 9 pallets in the warehouse.

That's it for now! Look for the mailman... your Van Gogh is coming!

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  • Any day now! When he gets here to Louisiana, I’m going to show him the town!! Lol.

    Bre Garcia

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