The Old Masters are coming home!

Dear Old Masters action figure customers, 

We are happy to inform you that the shipping phase of the Old Masters (Leonardo, Vermeer and Rembrandt) has started. We received the figurines today at the warehouse in California and we are just starting to ship them. Woohoo!


I'm coming home!
I'm coming home!


1) Shipping estimate  

In the upcoming days, we will ship all the Old Masters in more than 45 countries around the globe! 

You can expect the following shipping time:  

USA: 3 to 10 days  
Europe, Canada: 7 to 24 days 
Asia and rest of the World: 10 to 30 days 

We have experienced longer transit time (10 to 45 days) for Mexico, Singapore, China and South Korea during our last shipping operation. 

These estimates can vary. We know that larger boxes containing more than one figurine may take more time in some areas. 

Looking forward to meet you!
Looking forward to meet you!


2) Pre-order discount... last chance! 

Last chance to buy an additional Old Masters figurines at the low pre-order price. In a few hours/days, the standard pricing will apply. Visit our online store at

I just can't wait to see you!
I just can't wait to see you!


Thank you so much and enjoy your figurines!

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