Van Gogh action figure: 5 things to know

Hi everyone,

I have some exciting new info to share with you regarding the development of our Vincent van Gogh action figure.

1. Postcard insert (surprise!)

We’ve heard your feedback. You don’t want to ruin your box by cutting the little masterpieces from its side. We are including with all units a postcard insert from which you’ll be able to easily cut the miniature masterpieces. You’ll get to keep your box intact!

2. Take a look at our new sample

We’ve just received a sample of the finished product. We have the box, the blister insert and the figurine all packed together. The feeling you get when you hold the box for the first time… amazing!

3. Production continues

The production of the PVC parts is completed now. We are currently painting the little pieces before we assemble them together. Look at this! There are so many!


The shipping phase is coming shortly. I should be able to send you another update in the upcoming days or week to confirm our final shipping date/week.

We will then collect your shipping address. You will receive an email from us (via Kickstarter) to invite you to complete your shipping info in an online form. Stay tuned!

5. Our Frida Kahlo campaign is ongoing!

If you feel like your little Vincent will be lonely, please support our Frida Kahlo action figure campaign on Kickstarter. She is the 2nd artist to be featured in our Art History Heroes collection. 

That's it for now! I hope you enjoyed this update.

Talk to you soon!

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