Gabriel Soares is a 33 years-old Brazil-based conceptual artist and modeler whose talents span from watercolor to 3D modeling and from oil to digital painting. Gabriel developed his incredible talent in a self-taught way since the age of 10, by studying the works of great masters such as JC Leyendecker, Norman Rockwell and Albert Uderzo, to name only a few.

Some of his most standout work includes world-famous projects for entertainment companies such as, Warner Bros Games, Ubisoft and Sideshow Collectibles. More recently, he worked on the Netflix show Klaus, which was nominated at the Academy Award for best animated feature film in 2020, before collaborating with the streaming giant in the creation of a collectible for The Witcher series.

Success seems to follow Gabriel everywhere, with his personal creations also being recognized and featured on official museums pages and 3D modeling websites. Indeed, Artstation elected Gabriel’s work 5 times as “The best of the season” in recent years. Even now, while working full-time as a 3D modeler in the video game industry, Gabriel still finds the time and inspiration to amaze us with his beautiful creations. 

In love with all his designs, Today is Art Day has partnered with Brazilian designer Gabriel Soares to create the limited-edition art toy: Van Gogh's Dream, depicting Vincent van Gogh in his bedroom in Arles.