Birth of Venus - Pin

Birth of Venus - Pin

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The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli

Soft Enamel Pin
6 colors
One black rubber clutch
Backer card (90 x 52 mm)
Transparent bag with hole

About The Birth of Venus
This masterpiece by Italian artist Sandro Botticelli depicts the goddess Venus arriving at the shore after her birth, when she had emerged from the sea fully-grown.

Although the pose of Venus is classical in some respects, the overall treatment of the figure, standing off-center with a curved body of long flowing lines, is, in many respects, from Gothic art. She appears to be floating, not standing.

The painting resides at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy.

About Sandro Botticelli
Sandro Botticelli (born 1445, Florence [Italy]—died May 17, 1510, Florence) was one of the greatest painters of the Florentine Renaissance. His Birth of Venus and Primavera are often said to epitomize for modern viewers the spirit of the Renaissance.

Botticelli's posthumous reputation suffered until the late 19th century, when he was rediscovered by the Pre-Raphaelites who stimulated a reappraisal of his work.  Since then, his paintings have been seen to represent the linear grace of Early Renaissance painting.

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Emma Willhardt
Highly recommend!

I bought several pins from Today is Art Day and this is my favorite! She’s beautiful and great quality (they all are) and really captures the original work. I will be back for more!

Jenean Roth
Repeat Customer

I've been pleased with Today is Art Day each time I visit to purchase gifts. When I saw the Birth of Venus pin I knew it was perfect and knew from previous goodies found here that it would be excellent quality and it is. I couldn't buy just one item and am pleased with the pins and stickers I got on this shopping trip. Shipping is always fast and secure. Today is Art Day always pulls through with the best product ~ diverse selection, vibrant colors, resonably priced, and top quality. Thank you!!