Claude Monet

Claude Monet

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The Claude Monet figurine comes with:

  • Water lily in his hand
  • Happy frog in his pocket
  • 5 masterpieces and 1 cardboard easel 
  • 10 fun facts about the artist on the box
  • Transparent base

    The figurine is 5 inches (12,5 cm) tall and made of PVC.


    WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD. Small parts. This is not a toy. It is not designed nor intended for children under the age of 12.


    About Claude Monet
    Claude Monet (born November 14, 1840, Paris, France—died December 5, 1926, Giverny) was a French painter who was the initiator, leader, and unswerving advocate of the Impressionist style. In his mature works, Monet developed his method of producing repeated studies of the same motif in series, changing canvases with the light or as his interest shifted.

    His popularity soared in the second half of the 20th century, when his works traveled the world in museum exhibitions that attracted record-breaking crowds.

    Customer Reviews

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    Janet Borden!
    Love Monet

    I love my little Claude Monet. He makes a wonderful addition to my art studio. I am a little disappointed that his clothes don't change colors like they're supposed to, but I think he's great, regardless!

    sassy shelley
    A great guy🙂

    We love having Monet in our homeschool classroom. My kids think it’s really neat that his clothes change color in warm water or as we learned from experimenting with him, any heat source!


    Good quality.

    Mike G
    Love it

    Monet is my favorite artist. Love his work. I really am please with my Monet figure. I have him in my office so I can see him every day. I’ve received positive comments from coworkers. I have my eye on a couple more.

    Camélie Roy
    Magnificient Monet

    An amazing other art figure of a well-known artist! I love it so much, like all my others figurines. Monet is so peaceful. It helps me to relax when I'm stressed. I always think about his Waterlilies to soothe me. He brings me joy everytime I look at him!

    Thank you Camélie! We are touched to read our Monet brings you joy!


    Love to finally add my all time favorite artist figurine to my collection!!

    This is a nice group of people you have gathered! Thanks for your purchase Grace!